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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Blogging mistake new blogger should avoid

Blogging mistake new blogger should avoid

Blogging is one in all the foremost common jobs you'll begin creating cash from the comfort of your area.But there are stuff you got to do to avoid creating a blunder to fulfill the scope of beginning a diary behind you.

We all make a mistake with our blogging skill and I've certainly made a few, because we all came into a game that we didn't know about. Blogging also takes time to learn at least for a start, you'll need a good two-month stretch, with you spending about six hours per day on your system.

You don't expect anyone to spend six hours with you every day, all they can do is get you started and you develop yourself later through research on YouTube and Google, because they have other things to catch up with.

But don't let that bother you, because at the end of the day, it will be a way to gain more knowledge. No matter what, you have to give your best. Failure is just another opportunity to re-evaluate yourself.
So by the end of this guide, you'll learn to avoid a blogging error and what to do to correct it.

1.Lack of Direction

Are you really passionate about blogging? Or you want to blog because you heard there's money in it, or because your friend has a blog.
Whatever the case, you need a clear vision of what blogging is and why you need to blog. So many people go blogging for money and some just because their friend has a blog.

They forgot their friend has a vision with which to run, so they end up doing all sorts of things, you can see them with HTML another day, because they don't really know how to do it.

I know a friend who wanted to create a blog and wrote blogpost with a text editor, and some people will come to hail him, when all he needed to start a blog is Blogger or WordPress account.

So put your attention in one direction if you want to go to blogging, put everything in it, and if it's web design also focus on web design.

2. Not Collecting Email

Another common mistake that bloggers make is the failure to collect emails from those who visit their blog.You may have many readers, but if you fail to collect emails and grow your list of subscribers, you make a big mistake and miss an important opportunity.

Once someone subscribes to your email list, each time you publish a new post, the person receives the email account directly, which is another way to increase traffic, sales and trust.
Use email marketing tool such as Get site control or mailmunch to set up a welcome mart for new subscribers to sign up.

You can also add a call to action subscription at the end of your post, so if your readers like what they have read, they can add a call to action subscription at the end of your post.
Offering incentives is another great way to force your readers to subscribe to your new letter, because many readers may neglect the welcome mat if you don't try to convince them. 

But if you let them know what they can gain from offering pdf or some latest tips, they can end up subscribing.

3. Neglecting Seo

SEO is one of the main things you should consider as a blogger, because if your website ranks well on Google, readers can easily find your site from Google search, which is one of the best place readers can find you.

Let me give you an example for a proper understanding if you own a shop where people come and buy, but people find it difficult to locate your shop you will find it difficult to sell.
Submitting your website to Google's website map, Google's search console and a good description of what your blog is all about will help you.

Another way to improve your SEO is to look for trends topics with Google trend before you start writing any blog post.With Google's keyword planner or keyword explorer, you can also look for highly search keywords before giving the title to your topic.

Improving your page load time is another great way to rank higher on Google. Imagine that you visit a site and it took too much time to load due to pop ups and banners. Would you like to visit this site again?

Reducing the site and pop-up linked to your blog will help increase your blog's load time, you can use Google's page speed insights to find out what slows down your page.
In order to achieve a better result, you must also consider linking your blog post properly. Click here in a post is a bad way to link a blog post that prevents readers from taking about the right action because it diverts their attention.

The best way to put a link in a post is to put it at the end of sentences or paragraphs, in particular your own link. Your reader has finished his thinking and is now more obliged to explore other content.

4. Inconsistency

Consistency is key in the blogging world. You can lose a lot of traffic and quality leads if you don't update your content regularly.

Your SEO ranking can be affected, and your readers may even lose interest in your blog. Setting up a consistent schedule helps you develop a habit, but your readers will also know when to expect new content.

It will help you build trust and credibility, as you're a professional who cares about them. It is important to post consistently to keep your target audience active and interested.

Inconsistent posting leads to a drop-off from the reader when looking for new content elsewhere. Make an editorial calendar and stick to it to overcome inconsistency.

Assign yourself as your blog editorial calendar with a certain number of posts using a platform such as Google Calendar. And even schedule posts in advance if you have a particularly productive week.

5. Copy and Paste

Are you copying and pasting? If so, then stop it. Most of the post you copy and paste up and down takes a lot of time and research to create, some of which people spend two hours, three hours reading and researching just to create a post.

If you copy what they have written, you can be reported to Google, which reduces your traffic at times. Google can also remove your site from the web, so spend more time creating quality content for you.

When I started my first blog I made this silly mistake, I went to the blog of Linda ikeji to copy some of her post and uploaded it to my blog. I later went on to sign up for Google adsense, but my site wasn't approved.

Because of my research on why my bog wasn't approved, I found out. Even the pictures you include in your blog post don't just download an image from Google search. Go to the pixels or pixabay website instead to get free images for your post.

And if you eventually use someone's post or images, don't you refer to them without the owner. Content is what you sell as a blogger, so spend time creating it.

It is also important to keep it attractive to the reader's eyes while reading by not making it too stuffy. So that it appeals to the readers as they read through, you can make your phrase at least three lines and even make it clear and readable.


Everyone is making mistakes, and bloggers are definitely not excluded. For all sorts of reasons, blogs start and fail every day. If you really want to blog, don't blog just for money do it as a passion. As time goes on, however, you have to turn your passion into profit.

Every professional blogger who makes a lot of money from his blog was a beginner once and everybody makes mistakes. Building a successful blog depends on how quickly you learn from your mistakes.

What other errors did you make in blogging? How can you scale through? Please share your comments with your friends in the box below. Happiness!!!!!


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