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Saturday, September 22, 2018

How to become a successful freelance writer

How to become a successful freelance writer

It is additional elaborated to become a contract author than the majority assume.
It's not as straightforward as gap and typewriting your Microsoft Word software package.

Some steps should be taken to be a winning freelance author.
Everyone can write, but you have to know and follow the preliminary steps to be successful. Freelance writing is a great choice if you like writing and working independently.

As a freelancer, you will be a contractor, so you won't be linked to any company, but you can work on various projects for different customers. Decide on your know-how and start building your business.

First, you'll need a great website and portfolio and other things I'll mention in this post. Once you're set, contact potential customers and let them know your skills.
Finally, make sure you efficiently manage your time and income to make the most of your new gig.

There's a huge demand for quality content writers and to be a content writer, you don't have a degree in writing content, all you need is the ability to read and write and you're good at it.

Who is a freelancer A freelancer is a self- employed person who offers services to companies and often multiple customers from their comfort zone at the same time. So let's begin.

1.Start a blog or website

Yes, if you want to be a better freelance author, you need a blog. Besides a portfolio, a blog can serve so many things. A blog is perfect for anyone who wants to start a company.

Whether it's a coaching company or graphic design or writing, a blog can serve as an advertising platform for your company to showcase your craft. This is one of the main ways customers can find and learn about your skills, as this is your first portfolio and also the best way to show potential customers what you can do.

If you don't have a blog, it will be hard to prove that you're a serious writer. You should therefore introduce yourself to your blog, highlight your skills and include samples of your work.

You wouldn't buy a house from a home builder without seeing houses built in the past, why would any of your potential customers pay your premium without seeing any of your previous works? If you start as a freelance writer, your best bet is to start small projects such as programming, web design and many more to build a portfolio.

All you need to do is publish good content that demonstrates that you are good in the field you claim to know. You're a good cook? Share on your website your recipes and cooking adventures. Anything to showcase your creativity will take your customer a long way.

Focus your writing on a service like writing blogs. Personally, this is a new writer's best and easiest type of freelance writing job.

2.Choice a Niche

You can get involved in so many types of writing. It's great to diversify your writing skills, but you need to select and build on one area. You may want to write web content, for example, and forget to write books.

Instead, learn all about writing web content and offer your skills to people in different industries who need web content. This will make you an expert in your selected niche and enable you to attract higher rates.

If you want to become a freelance writer and succeed in your business, you should concentrate on one niche and become an expert. No one can be a jerk of it all.

Choose an area you're passionate about, a hobby like nutrition, and you won't be tired of writing content about it. You can also choose a niche that gives you a lot of experience in fashion.

This allows you to write very specific, technical content. Picking your niche early is also important, because your writing style depends on it.
Science articles sound completely different from do - it-yourself projects articles. If you start the right niche immediately, you can concentrate entirely on this type of writing.

In addition, you already have an edge if you have a college degree or certification in that niche. Build it on. If you don't, you might want to think about getting one, even from a college in the community, although it's not important.

There are many great writers and entrepreneurs who do not have a formal education. What's important is that you can prove that you know a topic and that you can do an excellent job.

You can also dictate your rates. Think not only about what you like to write about or your passions or hobby, but also about the demand for this particular service when determining your niche.

3. Create a Routine of refining Your Writing Skill

The tentation of becoming distracted and inefficient is so great that it's easy to fall into the trap I'll do later.
There are always dishes to wash, people to call, floors to clean, laundry to do, television shows to watch, books to read, and Facebook messages to answer which waste of time. You must instill a strong sense of self-discipline and be accountable.

One way to succeed is to set up a routine, such as getting up early in the morning at 8 a.m. for a shower, or a cup of coffee and cereal, and reading your emails to decide where to start.

You can also use your calendar and clock to organize your schedule and develop a regular work schedule, even if you're a freelancer, it's still a good idea to develop an idea to develop some kind of routine.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to focus on your work, figure out what time of day is best for you to write and set aside that time each day for work.

Just learning to visualize yourself in plenty of time can do wonders to relieve the feeling that you are overloading yourself. Haven said that some posts take longer than others and it is not always a matter of writing time that is directly proportional to the length of the post.

Short posts sometimes actually take longer because they require more cutting of unnecessary words. In addition, if you have several posts in one day, you may not be able to fit all of them into your peak energy time.

Give the most challenging posts your primary energy slot to manage situations with minimum or less productivity.

As a professional writer, you want to improve your writing skills and study industry analysis at least 2 hours a week. Due to the nature of the business, the freelance writing market can change rapidly.

Think about it economically, your customer probably already has a website and they are likely to try to maximize their return on investment. They need to find a competent writer who will do the job at the lowest price to get the highest profit.

4.Improve your skill

If you're not already an expert in your niche, you'll have to improve your skills. As a professional writer, you'll want to take at least 2 hours a week to improve your writing skills and analyze the industry.

Due to the nature of the company, the freelance writing market can change rapidly. You have to be a good reader if you want to be a good writer.

Read as much as you can in the niche. What is the popular authors ' style? How are you structuring your content? What are their terms? I don't tell you to copy them! Be inspired, though.

See what makes them successful and combine your own writing style with these strategies. There are many blog posts that teach you how to be a better writer of content and tricks to improve your skills.

One factor that's sure is that the additional you observe, the higher you get.
So start writing about anything you can think of immediately. Your writing skill will improve a little more with each article.

5.Grow your Social media presence

Starting a blog for your online portfolio is a step in the right direction, but traffic and visibility do not only appear at your doorstep.

You also need to be active online on various platforms so you can network with other freelance writers, bloggers and media companies.
Look for communities, forums, Facebook and LinkedIn freelance writing and build relationships. 

You will not only build relationships with your peers that can lead to learning and referrals, but customers can also be found.

It is also important that you create social media accounts, which are sufficient for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Publishers today want you to promote your work and bring more traffic.

The more opportunities your future customers see you, the more you are online. People can see your post on Twitter or check your profile on LinkedIn. An editor may have seen your Pin and would like to hire you for their content.

Being on social media can help you increase your independent income by writing, and I can't say enough about being on social media because there is more.


You have to be passionate and love to write to become a freelance writer. Writing is like any other profession. Sometimes you don't like what you're writing about, but when the project is complete, you still get a thrill and you have a great finished product.

A freelance writer should enjoy research and learning as well. You're often given a project that you don't know anything about.

This means that you have to spend time researching the topic to write a unique piece about it. The only way to become a freelance writer at the end of the day is to start start writing today.


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