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Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Download And install Template on Blogger

How to Download And install Template on Blogger

Would you like your blog to look professional? Would you like it to load quickly and still be mobile?

There are plenty of materials out there to help you get started. Nobody likes to look at ugly shit all the time, having a beautiful and more professional blogger template can help you improve your blog design so that your competitor can come back for more without having to rely on your default blogger template.

The template is the complete design or look of your website / blog as the page, menus, pages are arranged by sidebars, marquee, header, footer, social media.

A template consists of HTML and CSS. HTML is just like a skeleton with ordinary bone and no flesh while CSS is a skeleton and flesh combination. Do you know the look of a skeleton?

If your blog doesn't look beautiful and professional, it can be due to too much HTML codes and less CSS. There are many companies that offer free template, so follow me as I take you on a journey to give your website / blog a professional and mobile look.

1.Download Blogger Template
Browse the blogger template in your Google search engine, in your search for a gooyaabite template or mybloggertheme, this is a site that provides a template in popular categories such as Responsive, SEO ready, Magazine, Simple, Clean, Portfolio and Fashion.

When you click on the download button, the template file will be saved directly on your computer hard disk as a zip file.

2.Login to Your Blogger Dashboard

To access your dashboard, you must log in to your blogger account. So enter your email address and password and let's go.

3. Back up Your former Template
Your current template for your blog is still very important and valuable. If you fail to back up your current template, some important data or codes may be lost. But if it was backup, you only need to check your hard drive and restore your previous template.

Click on the theme in the screen's left corner. There will be a new window. Locate the restore / backup in the top right corner and click. To download your current theme, click on the download theme in the new pop-up window.

A popup will appear asking where you want to save your current theme, select the location you want and move to the next stage. Click on save to save the theme directly to your hard disk computer and ok.

4. Install your New Blogger Template
Now that your current theme has been successfully backed up. We'll move on to the next step. To upload the blogger xml file from the template you downloaded earlier, click on the topic > > backup / restore and click on the browsing option.

Click the file xml and open it. If you open it properly, next to the option' Browse' you will see the name of your blogger theme. You will now see a small spinner next to the upload button while your template uploads on your screen.

If there are errors in the template, the template > > backup / restore box will appear. If your upload has been successful, you will be returned to the template configuration page and a small message will flash at the top of the window.

5. Change the Mobile View Settings

In order to make your blog the same theme as the desktop view, you must change the mobile view settings to have the same theme for both desktop and mobile view.

Because after changing to your new theme, your mobile view still has the previous theme, so you have to change it for the new template to appear on both desktop and mobile view.

You can choose to display the mobile theme on mobile devices or to display the desktop theme on your mobile device.

I advise you to display the mobile theme on your mobile device to improve the speed of your website, which is what Google uses for SEO to rank your website on the first page of Google.

For desktop and mobile view, you now have the same theme. You're done now. That's how your blog looks for desktop and mobile views.

You can change your template in other ways, such as by deleting the html code and replacing it with the new one you download. But we used the other method for this guide. Where can you use this guide to change your template? Do you encounter any problems during your journey? Let me know in the following comment section.

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