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Saturday, December 08, 2018

How to Start a Daily Writing Habit as a Blogger

How to Start a Daily Writing Habit as a Blogger

You've ne'er been quick once it involves writing, otherwise you usually have the sensation that you are not driven to put in writing, or you are intimidated once it involves writing.

You're not alone, many of us are there at one purpose or another.
Every blogger wants to be able to write more, but because of a constant distraction of everyday life, they always have this problem of not having enough time to work per day or to finish before the time.

Some people like to write after walking up from a deep sleep, because they feel refreshed after waking up just figure out what works best for you and stick to it.

Don't think you're going to become a great writer by not practicing, if you really have a very profound understanding of something and you find it difficult to communicate this intelligence in writing so that others can learn from you that it is just as if you know nothing because you can generate some case for yourself by putting people through what you know.

Writing every day is not as easy as you said earlier, but to be able to cultivate the habit of writing daily as a blogger, you have created this guide and I cover the topics that help you develop your daily writing habits. So let's begin.


When it comes to writing every day, there are many important things to read. I mean you can't sit on the front of your laptop with a blank page in front and expect to write when you don't have anything upstairs.

When you read, more information connects to your writing later, reading is always the number one way to keep the conversation going. Reading makes you up-to-date with the latest news, events and hot topics that people talk about.

Because everything changes day by day, reading will always allow you to write something every day since you are up to date.Sometimes you may feel that you have wasted some time reading because it hinders your writing because it prevents you from putting your pen on paper.

Instead, wait a while and you'll see ideas coming up that will later turn into high-quality content that people won't be able to get away with. As you read deeply about the area you want to write about, you'll see that you come up with more and more creative topics to write about.

2.Write about what you Know

It is very important to write about what you know, can be a post for social media or your blog, and to write about what you really know is the best way to get started.
Because knowing what you're writing about will ensure that you focus on developing an engaging writing style that easily brings your point to your readers.

By adapting what's helpful, rejecting what is useless and adding what is yours helps you to know about what you know which in turn reduce the time you spend
in sitting down with your computer every day.

Cultivating the habit of writing ideas down can occasional enable you to put in writing what you don’t apprehendas a result of you'll typically keep in mind what you’ve written down.
If you don't write ideas, your brain may not remember them when you desperately need them for your social media or blog. So don't postpone writing every day.

3.Think about what to write the next day

It can be very frustrating to sit with your laptop for hours and struggle to write a word about. You don't have to spend an hour writing with your laptop to get what to write.
But you can minimize the time you spend every day with your system by spending a little time during the day thinking about what to write the next day after completing today's exercise.

It can be during exercise or while you are taking a shower or during your daily workout, just make sure you have what to write the next day before you go to bed, so that when you wake up, you are ready to write.

4. Set a Deadline

Setting a deadline for each write-up is a great way to do things at each time. You can create a calendar hanging in front of your work table, which you mark each time you complete the work for the day.

You can also hang a wall clock in front of your table, which guides you every minute when you write, or set an alarm on your phone, which alerts you every time an hour is spent for you to complete.

To make sure you don't slip deadlines, plan your post the day before so you always have a frame work to work with, don't try to do too much too soon and how long it takes you to write your first post and try to adhere to the time before the deadline.

5. Have Someone That Check on you

Because you are the only one involved and there is no one to stroke you when you fail to resume work on time or when you fail to achieve your monthly goal as a marketer, it may be difficult to develop a daily writing habit as a blogger.

Having someone who is more experienced than you, to check on you If you don't meet your daily deal, is a great way to help your every- day write habit.
It is Certain that their support, you'll take your daily writing habits a bit more seriously, leaving you with the opportunity to complete your daily writing or have you pay a penalty.

6. Figure out What motivates you to Write

It's important to set a certain amount of time to write, you won't always be inspired to write, you may even want to write, but you'll find that nothing comes down.

At times, because you ate something and now you are heavy, you're going to feel like sleeping. If you sleep while writing, this is because of food you eat, you only need to drink water to remain hydrated.

The next thing you want to get sleep is sleep, so you can stop writing. You may also be motivated to do something after a trigger, if you don't feel like writing and also add something to yourself after everyday business. It's a good idea to eat something before you sit on your computer because this helps you stay alert.


Don't be lazy, don't slow down. Sit down and write each day, be disciplined and practice. Follow a timetable and maintain your craft's discipline. Only in this way can we become a masterful artisan.

Hope you find this useful, share on social Media with your friends and do not forget to register for our newsletter for tips like this in your mailbox. Joy!!! Joy!


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