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Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Create A YouTube Channel for your Business

How to Create A YouTube Channel for your Business

Do you want to create a YouTube channel for your business, or you want to make some money while teaching people what you know through a video. It's going to be a basic tutorial that will help you know everything you need.

1.Create A Google Account

You must have a Google account to create a YouTube channel because YouTube is a Google product. If you have one, you can also use your exciting Google account, but I will advise you to create a new one for your YouTube channel in order to minimize the workload on your Google account. I'd like to have a new Gmail address under your email address from there.

Then plow ahead and enter your given name, last name, Google username, which will be your email address, so put whatever you want, put your password, birthday, gender and phone number.

A verification code will be sent to the phone number you kept in the registration form, ensure that you put the number in order to get the code.

2. Create Your Channel

You are now on YouTube with your email address signed in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the image icon in a circle, the dropdown will be shown by clicking on My Channel

From the next window, you can either choose to use a company or another name or create a channel with the name you want. 

Because you can enter your channel name using a business name or other name and also select a category for which your channel is concerned.Enter your brand name and click Create by clicking Create, you agree to the terms of service for YouTube. 

Congratulations you have successfully created your YouTube channel, so let's go.

3. Add Channel Art

And now the next step is to customize the channel, which means that we can make our channel look pretty, click on the Add channel art, and you'll see a new window pop up. 

If you click on the gallery, you'll see the banners you can put in, you can also upload your own image to your YouTube channel banner.

Make sure it is the same size as the recommended channel art size when you upload your channel art: 2560 Max file size: 6 MB

4. Add Profile Picture

Now do the same for your profile image. Click on the pencil icon and click on on edit.
It will redirect you to Google plus click on select photo from your computer if you want to upload your profile picture. 

Click on this button to find your profile picture from your computer by clicking open, you can also adjust the crop and once you adjust it, click on the profile picture set. 

When you set your profile picture, it may take time to show it on your channel, sometimes you have to wait for a few hours. But to see what happens, you can still refresh your page.

5. Add a Channel Description

So the next thing I recommend is to click on something about your channel in the channel section to add a description of the channel. 

In the description section, it is good to add important information because it informs people about what your channel is all about so that they can hopefully subscribe. Put what your channel is and hit the button.

6. Add your details

Your viewers can easily connect with you by adding your details, you can add your business email address to help the viewer send mails directly to you. 

You can add your location to know where you come from if they want to link to you. 

You can also add your social media link and the number of custom links on the channel art.

7. Start Uploading Your Videos 

If you would like to transfer a video move to high |the tip} top right corner besides the notification icon and click on the arrow inform upward.

You will be promoted to a brand new window confirm the privacy settings is ready to public before you transfer your videos.

Click the middle wherever it says choose file to transfer you may be ready to transfer your videos directly from your pc Winchester drive.

Once you're done hit the transfer button video can begin uploading therefore confirm you add a title, relevant description and relevant keyword.

You can include as many keywords as you can think about relating to the subject of your video, which is what you need to put in the tag section, so that people can also find your YouTube channel and your video. 

Because tags increase your search optimization when you search for YouTube. As you can see, there is no display option to customize thumbnails because you have not monetized your video or you have not verified your account.


I hope you learned how to create your own YouTube channel. If this tutorial helped you, I'll appreciate a comment in the comment section below. 

And remember to share it with friends on social media. Happy!!!!


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