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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

*Digital Marketing Master Class 1.0 (Students/Campus Edition) – DMTClassNG*

*Digital Marketing Master Class 1.0 (Students/Campus Edition) – DMTClassNG*

Digital Marketing Master Class (DMMClassNG) is an intensive practical training geared toward expatiating what Digital Marketing is all about, how it works, how it can be used for brand awareness and increase business sales and profit.

The first  edition of Digital Marketing Master Class is coming to Olabisi Onabanjo University. This training is for students (and non students) who want to empower themselves with digital skills like Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Information Marketing etc.

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Courses to be taught include:
1. Introduction to Digital and Social Media Marketing
2. Email Marketing

3. Blogging & Content Marketing
a. Introduction to Blogging and Content Marketing
b. Qualities of a professional blogger
c. Practicals on setting up a professional blog
d. Managing a professional blog
e. Tools and Equipment needed on Blogging
f. Monetizing your blog (making money from your blog)

a. Practicals on how to launch effective Social Media Ads (Campaigns).
b. Intensive practical session on Social Media Marketing, how to build social media pages to get huge followership & social media optimization

a. Strategies to bring your website/brand on Google's first page
b. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords)

6. Branding
7. Simple photo editing skill (Canva)

Other things to be learnt/other benefits of the training:
1. Participants will be given acess to whatsapp group for mentoring.
2. Participants will also be awarded certificates after the traning.
3. There will also be refreshment at the training.


1. Students/Non students who want to be self reliant and financially independent after school.

2. Students/Non students who want to acquire more skills to as to be valuable to employers and be a hot cake for employment opportunities after school.

3. Management sciences students or students studying Marketing.

4. Students studying Mass Communication who want to acquire skills on internet/online journalism.

5. Students studying science courses like Computer science.

6. All other students who wish to acquire digital skills to survive in this digital age.

7. Student bloggers and website owners

8. Excos of Campus unions or organisations like Church & Mosques excos, Faculty and Departmental. Excos etc

DATE: 27TH July, 2019
Time: Saturday 9am.

Venue: Imere Primary School, Pepsi junction, Ijesha Road, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.

Training fee: N2,000 (if payment is made on or before Thursday 25th July & N2,500 if payment is made at the training venue on training day)

For inquiries: 08084023682, 07036871749 (whatsapp, call)

Please RBC to those who might need it.

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